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Blueberry Fields Bed and Breakfast is a beautiful inn located on over 120 acres of woods in the Town of Washington, along Maine's Central Coast. Central to the property is a 10-acre blueberry field that is cultivated and well-kempt; The inn and cottage are on the edge of the blueberry field. There is also a large sugar-maple grove that we tap for maple sugaring in February and March. We've been asked if Maine maple syrup is as good as Vermont maple syrup, and we say it's better because we don't have to go to Vermont to get it!

There are a few small brooks that pass through the property and are most active from the autumn to early summer. On the eastern edge of the property is a small marsh, where wild animals can often be found.

We have trails through the woods that lead throughout the property if you want to hike, cross-country ski or snowshoe.

There are plenty of critters that frequent the property. Some of our most common visitors:

  • White-tailed deer. They can be seen throughout the year, often near the apple trees on the property.
  • Moose. There is at least one local moose that has been seen by many.
  • Raccoons. We try to keep the garbage out of their hands.

There are also dozens of different bird species seen around the inn on the property over the course of the year. We have bird feeders that keep the birds coming back for food all year long. Some of the most striking birds seen on the property:

  • Turkeys. Are frequently seen strolling across the property.
  • Ruby-throated hummingbird. These small birds frequent our hummingbird feeders. They are a wonder to watch.
  • Red-tailed hawk. They love the fields in the area as mice and other small varmints can be found.
  • Northern cardinal. Maybe no bird is more striking in its color than the beautiful, bright-red cardinal.
  • Blue jay. Almost equally beautiful is the blue jay.
  • Chickadee. These cute little birds visit all winter long.